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Chesterfield, VA Contractors


Chesterfield is one of the oldest continually inhabited places in the continental United States. As a result, the region has a rich history that's immediately apparent to first-time visitors. The first settlers arrived during the 17th century and quickly established an agricultural community that thrived on the production of cotton, tobacco and other crops. The area contributed mightily to the Revolutionary War effort and hosted important skirmishes like the Battle of Yorktown. Thanks to its proximity to Richmond, it was also the site of numerous Civil War confrontations and had a hand in the war's resolution at Appomattox Courthouse. These days, Chesterfield serves as an important business center as well as the primary bedroom community for Virginia's state capital.


Chesterfield is located to the south and west of Richmond. The area is technically included within the broadly defined Richmond Metropolitan Area and is known for its wide variety of housing types and land uses. Much of the region has been developed to accommodate low-density and medium-density residential neighborhoods as well as commercial centers and light-industrial tracts. However, a significant amount of virgin forest and pristine water features remain. The area's distinctive mixed forests of pine, maple and oak surround impressive bodies of water like Tar Bay and Swift Creek Reservoir. Important thoroughfares include Interstate 95 and Virginia Highway 288.

Population and Demographics

As of the last Census count, the entire Chesterfield region had a population of about 320,000. Meanwhile, the population of the more narrowly defined area near the Chesterfield Courthouse came in at around 3,500 souls. Chesterfield is known for a largely affluent and well-educated population that supports the financial, legal and political industries in nearby Richmond. The area is also home to a number of important businesses and contributes billions of dollars per year to Virginia's total economic output. With a robust network of community centers and strong social institutions, Chesterfield is a noted destination for families from all over the country.

Things to Do in Chesterfield, Virginia

As a major historical center for the Mid-Atlantic region, Chesterfield has a wealth of historic sites and museums. Nearby Henricus Historical Park contains relics and structures from one of the first European settlements in North America. Meanwhile, the Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia runs a full-service interpretive museum that attracts students on field trips and scholars on research missions. For those who prefer to indulge in the present day, local malls like Chesterfield Towne Center feature great deals on designer clothes, fine-dining experiences and household appliances. Active residents and visitors can get their fill of the great outdoors at spacious Pocahontas State Park.

Climate and Weather

Chesterfield has a subtropical climate with maritime and continental influences. Although chilly weather often prevails between December and February, sustained blasts of Arctic air are relatively rare. When snow does fall, it tends to be light and usually melts quickly. By May, the weather turns warmer and muggier. This hot, often sunny regime persists through September. Fortunately, Chesterfield's frequent thunderstorms keep the heat from becoming unbearable and nurture the region's wide range of plant and animal species. Chesterfield's transitional seasons are pleasant and variable.

HVAC in Chesterfield, VA

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